Imagine picking up a phone and a courier comes to collect your dirty laundry, and he comes back on the next day with your clean and fragrant laundry.

When delivered, the laundry is already neatly folded and ironed, so that all you have left to do is to put it directly into your closet.

The laundrette is located in Herzliya and Petah Tikva. It offers high-quality laundry services:

Wet Cleaning – This is a very familiar technique. Wet cleaning uses water to clean clothes, and all you need to do is to put your dirty clothes into the washing machine, adjust the desired temperature and the engine rotation speed, and turn the machine on.

In some cases, we add all kinds of detergents (for dirty or factory items that need special attention).

Dry cleaning – This method uses organic solvents, to clean the toughest stains while maintaining the maximum on the canvas of which they are made.

logoA dry cleaning machine is a combination of sight secretary, a washer and a dryer.

The process is performed at a low temperature, and at the end, the solvent is transferred from the machine for reuse.

We specialise in cleaning all types of fabrics, curtains, carpets etc.

By using the laundrette, you will undertake professional and fast cleaning quality.

Call now (free number): 1800-40-50-90

Or call our cell phone number directly:

Herzliya branch – 055-9950034

Petah Tikva branch- 054-4510515

We will be happy to assist with any additional questions and further information.

Address: Bney-binyamin 10, Herzliya

Address: Shtampper 73, Petah Tikva